National High School Dance Festival

April 3-6, 2014

Miami, FL, USA

Latest Announcements:

3/9/2014 As a number of you already know, I had to fly to Australia last Sunday for my father's funeral. The Scholarship list is now updated so check it out. If you have already sent in your student forms and wish to be considered for a Scholarship from a program only recently added, please contact the school to tell them your audition numbrt, once it is assigned. This should be in another week. I return Stateside on Wednesday evening.
Thank you so much.
2/16/2014 The list of Scholarships is now posted. This list will be updated as recruiters add information. Deadline has been extended to March 3.
Thank you.
2/14/2014 A list of schools (university and summer programs) attending the Festival is now available for viewing. Click on the Scholarships sidebar. Not all schools will be offering Scholarships. This list is being prepared and should be on line by Friday evening. Due to the many school cancellations due to terrible weather, especially in the South, Mid-West and North East U.S. (high schools and Universities), you may need a little more time to prepare, therefore the DEADLINE for students to return their documents has been extended to Monday, March 3
2/7/2014 Dear Colleagues and Students,
Under the "Concert Information" sidebar, you can check which concert(s) you are performing in and the line-up. Any titles/misspellings will be corrected later. You have already received this info via email. Tech times for Gusman concerts will be confirmed by Josh via email in a day or so. Under "Festival Class Section" sidebar, you will find the "Student Class Selection Form". Teachers, see that each student completes this. Return as per instructions on the form. Be sure to avoid signing up for classes during your tech or Informal concert times. You have 2 weeks - plenty of time. Scholarship information will be on the web by the end of this weekend. Sorry it has taken so long. Those of you hampered by the "dreadful weather", stay safe and warm.
All good thoughts.
1/25/2014 Dear Colleagues and Students,
The Scholarships are almost ready to be posted on the NHSDF website. They should be up by early this coming week. The DEADLINE for you to return them to me is extended until FEBRUARY 24. The Festival classes schedule is currently being prepared and we will let you know when available to complete. The Concert orders also will be sent no later than early this coming week. Thank you so much. Looking forward to a fabulous Festival.
All the best.
11/21/2013 The final forms for Recruiters & Exhibitors are now available. If you are still interested in teaching, please send in your forms to Tricia. Scholarship Donor forms are now being accepted. Everything is on the web. Thanks All. Kathryn
11/19/2013 Hello all. Please find information regarding SCHOLARSHIPS & AUDITIONS and also information for EXHIBITORS under the appropriate sidebars. We are still waiting for several forms to be updated by New World and will put those on the web as they are received.
11/5/2013 More Registration Forms have been added to the website.

If you wish to teach at the festival, the deadline has been extended to December 2. Please complete the forms and forward to Tricia at New World.

More links will be activated soon.

Thank you.